Prepping A Three Month Journey

Back in February, I had this crazy idea– drive across America with my son. The blank stares, the looks of your crazy to WOW, thats amazing made me for a month second guess myself.

All of March I thought, Can I do this? Can I hit the road and drive, learn and experience? All with an (almost) 4yr old with me. It wasn’t until I started talking about it, that not only could I do it but nothing was going to stop me from doing it. It all came back to the reason WHY?

All things in life start with a question– here is the answer.

1. My son has three months summer vacation.

Real Meaning — my son is not in school for three months, Mom needs to keep him entertained.

2. My family business, Rug News andDesign, is written for retailers, design firms and architects who use, carry and sell rugs.

Real Meaning — I need to understand our diverse readership through seeing their communities and stores.


Real Meaning — I might be a mom. I might be part of a family business but the soul of me is all about the adventure.

4. Family

Real Meaning 1) America is built on family business and more people are shopping local. I want to see communities in action.

2) I want my son to know that adventure awaits in his own backyard

3) To share with other moms like me, who are on the edge of their seat wanting to do an adventure like this, that it is possible. Scary but possible.

IT”S ALL IN THE DETAIL — which I am still working on. At this point, I will be driving my 1998 Mercedes Wagon across country. we will stay with friends or be camping out. I have put some feelers out to companies that are about family business, small business and are American business, to maybe sponsor this trip. Why share about asking for support? The more I share about this adventure, the more outlets that know family adventure is possible, the more I am being who I am — sharing my knowledge with others and learning from others.

Here is the list of Cities we will be visiting


Eureka, CA Eugene, Or Portland, Or
Seattle, WA Spokane, WA Missoula, MT
Billings, MT Casper, WY Aspen, CO
Denver, CO Salina, Ks Kansas City, KS
St. Louis, MO Nashville, TN Chattanooga, TN Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC (kinda my second home)
Louisville, KY Chicago, IL Detroit, MI
Cleveland, OH New York City

Washington, DC Wilmington, NC Savannah, GA
Winter Park, Fl Tallahassee, FL Mobile, AL
New Orleans, LA Houston, TX Dallas, TX
Big Springs, TX El Paso, NM Tucson, AR Phoenix, AR

Yes I can google for information but this trip is about SEEING and EXPERIENCING–

I will be using #weavingthruamerica as the business side is to talk about Rugs, rug retailing and if asked to present on the rug communities in India, I will. Nothing like the most amazing work/vacation great American Adventure to make for a crazy wild ride.

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