I am always in awe of people. Sometimes I am jealous not for what they have but for what they do with their time. Some of my friends say they are in awe of me. We all say you make me step up my mom game. The reality -- as parents we have our strengths... Continue Reading →

Last night as the votes were coming in I wrote a prayer, a poem. I am not religious in the sense of I attend one church. I am religious in the sense of love the neighbor, love the earth.   It is true, the candidate I supported did not win. I worry for my neighbors... Continue Reading →

I bit off more than I could chew -- Who knew driving across country with a three/four year old, camping, visiting retailers and zoo's would wear out a mom. It also seemed that AT&T did not think people lived on the Pacific coast. My cell service and wife was weak for about two weeks. I... Continue Reading →

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