Hand Block Printing

We got to visit Kilol, a hand block printing textile company. A team of 300 turn out some beautiful clothing. After watching and videoing the process, I of course went to the store and picked up a few items. Some interesting facts 1. Block printing can only have upto 12 colors on it, not including... Continue Reading →

Sights of a Rug Village

What a wonderful day of learning. I grew up listening to my father talk about rugs. I joined the family magazine, Rug News andDesign. It was not until yesterday, that I realized while I understood the steps to making a hand knotted rug, I really did not get it. That is a whole separate post.... Continue Reading →

HBT’s day visiting a rug village

Saturday, we saw so much. I think it is best shown through a video. HBT's was very excited by the farm land we drove through- the cows, sheep, goats and camels. Throw in a ton of tractors, school buses and people, and you have one happy toddler. The pictures taken were by his mother but... Continue Reading →

Friday, March 7

We traveled from Delhi to Jaipur on a 7am flight. THANK GOD for jetlag and Lilibaby carrier. We made it. The rest of the morning was spent learning about rugs. Late afternoon finished off with visits to the Elephant Village, riding a camel, shopping. HBT picked out his own traditional Rajastan outfit. Some of the... Continue Reading →

HBT Friday March 7 Day of Pictures

HBT is getting better, with some help--when he asks for it, of taking pictures. He loves taking pictures of his mommy and selfies. Favorite thing from today-- the camels, Loved his outfit, and the tractors.

Elephant Village, Jaipur, Rajastan

After 4 days of traveling and a hard morning of work, HBT was to be rewarded with an Elephant ride. Elephant Village in Jaipur was started in 2010 to protect the elephants. You can go and help clean the elephants, paint the elephants and ride the elephants. The thing about a 2 1/2 year old...they... Continue Reading →

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