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The best reviews come from people who use them.


Everything I write about in products and reviews are my opinions.  I want you to know what I know.

@thesocialsarah  has the in the moment product and event reviews. Full write ups will be posted under Products & Reviews 

@wifemotherdaughterself is lifestyles, products could be posted in these shots — if I am using it and I can actually capture a great picture.

Why does my opinion matter? 

I have traveled to India with a toddler. We spend our summers road tripping across America. Our family spends time in the city, small towns and country side. Each area, each trip is unique.

We are by no means wealthy. Products have to be worth their value to invest in them.

Where food comes from is important. Tasting along the way to finding what is just right for us.

Parenting is hard. Attending parenting events helps me learn about products and meet companies. I will pass on what I learn. Hey, I have L.A. around the corner, where a lot of events take place.

My “day” job, I am the andDesign Editor for Rug News andDesign. I spend a fair amount of time attending Home Furnishing tradeshows. I get to see products from the wholesaler. I grew up around textiles. I understand the quality to cost to value ratio’s.

Brand Ambassador : If I am working with a brand, I will state the fact upfront.

When I write up about a product, I have used it for at least a few months. The importances of quality only shows through after multiple uses. If a washing can happen, I will do it at least twice. Durability testers in my family — my husband, son and dog. Seriously they can get anything dirty and push it to the limits.



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