Getting ready for the spring consignment sale means weeding through those things my son has outgrown. Some items hold no great memories and then there are these┬áPINK CAT SHOES. It was in our final days in India (March 2014), when we purchased the shoes. HBT feet had grown a full shoe size in six weeks.... Continue Reading →

HBT misses his friends

Traveling at the age of 2 1/2...well actually 2 years 8 months, is tough. There are so many new things to see and foods to try. It does not help that the days are centered around mom's work. True, HBT does have fun climbing the rug piles, hunting down the cows and all in all... Continue Reading →

Happy Holi

Holi -- a wonderful day of color. A day of celebrations where for many work stops and joyous celebration begins. Many Indian's warned us not to go out during the festival of color. The reason being that many of the powder colors are tainted with chemicals and shards of glass. The chemicals make it cheaper... Continue Reading →

Hand Block Printing

We got to visit Kilol, a hand block printing textile company. A team of 300 turn out some beautiful clothing. After watching and videoing the process, I of course went to the store and picked up a few items. Some interesting facts 1. Block printing can only have upto 12 colors on it, not including... Continue Reading →

HBT Pictures Sunday March 9

Sunday was a day of rest. We went to the mall. HBT played in a type of Chucky Cheese area, while the mom's shopped. He has gotten into handing over his camera to me, and say my picture, then he makes a pose. Since these photo's and poses are directed by him I have included... Continue Reading →

HBT Tuesday 11th

This was a great day of exploration for Beach. He not only explored every nook and cranny of Jaipur Rugs, he also explored every nook and cranny of Kilol, a hand block printing company.

1st week of traveling with my son

I sit here at 5:30am writing in Jaipur. I sit on the floor near the bathroom for light. My son is finally asleep past 2am....I am doing nothing to jeopardize this much needed sleep. We arrived in Jaipur on a Friday Morning. This was after 4 days of airplane travel. It is now Monday morning.... Continue Reading →

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