Being Mom

We got back from India on Wednesday to NYC.Do not worry I still have lots to write. My husband arrived from LA on Thursday. HBT and his dad went to visit his family in VA. I went of to High Point Market in NC. Then I come across this CD. I am so sick of... Continue Reading →

1st week of traveling with my son

I sit here at 5:30am writing in Jaipur. I sit on the floor near the bathroom for light. My son is finally asleep past 2am....I am doing nothing to jeopardize this much needed sleep. We arrived in Jaipur on a Friday Morning. This was after 4 days of airplane travel. It is now Monday morning.... Continue Reading →

HBT Friday March 7 Day of Pictures

HBT is getting better, with some help--when he asks for it, of taking pictures. He loves taking pictures of his mommy and selfies. Favorite thing from today-- the camels, Loved his outfit, and the tractors.

1st sights of Delhi India

Our 1st visual of India-- driving from the Delhi airport to our hotel for the night The Uppal. Beach fell asleep. Getting out of the airport When I was 12, the smell of India was over-powering. In some ways, on a return trip you expect to smell as part of the Welcoming committee. This afternoon,... Continue Reading →

HBT Thurs March 6 Picture story

HBT arrives in Delhi, India on a Thursday. He left on Tuesday, March 4 from LA to NYC. March 5 from JFK to Delhi. He flew Executive class. When asked about his flight, HBT responded "plane, get off", "must wash hands." Mom sidebar -- there were toothbrushes in the bathroom, HBT loves toothbrushes. Who can... Continue Reading →

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