Conversations with a Three year old

The day is already behind…Monday morning, I should be in my home office by 8am, at the latest. It’s now 9am.  Some how the hour lost of work was worth it. I taught my son the relationship of Work-money-toys. Or so I think….


Me: I have to go to work now. You will play with LM till lunch.

HBT: mommy, (giving the puppy dog eyes) play with me. Play farm with me.

Me: I would love to but I need to work.

HBT: (gets emotional) Mommy, I want the horse.

Me: What horse?

HBT: The one in the store.

-We go back and forth about horses and stores, until I realize he means the horse in Toys-R-Us.

Me: Horses cost money. Do you have any money?

HBT: No. (sad face) I want the horse. Get me the horse.

Me: Mommies only go to toy stores for birthdays and Christmas.

HBT: Hump, I still want the horse. Will you get me the horse.

Me: Horses need money. Money comes from work. Why don’t you work to make the money.

— We have already been discussing the need for me to head into the office.  This was greeted with clingy hugs and puppy dog eyes.

HBT: (Grabs my hand, pulls me from the chair and motions me to the office) Mommy, you go to work. You make money. Then you can buy me the horse.

Wonder if the concept will stick in HBT head all week. I have a lot of work to do.  Also wonder– how big a horse does a three year old expect to get when mommy works.

Till lunch time–when our mother son conversation continues.

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