Explaining India to 2 1/2 year old

Children absorb a lot of information. The thing is, you just do not know what information they are absorbing.

A 2 1/2 year old boy is learning everyday– and we are talking the basics. Now add in explaining INDIA to him.  Tonights conversation.

Me: HBT, next week we will get on a plane. We will see GrandKat and PawPaw.

HBT: Love PawPaw and Grandkat

Me: Yes, I love them to. We will talk rugs. We get on another plane.

HBT: Plane, where?



ME: IN-DI-A, IN-DI-A, India


Me: Yes. India. We will see monkeys.

HBT: (smiles)

Me: We will see elephants, cows, trucks and rugs.

HBT:  I ride elephant. Ride a monkey.  Ride a Zebra.

Me: Zebra’s are in Africa. You might ride a Elephant. Would you ride a camel?

HBT: No Camel. Elephant

Me: Where are we going to see an elephant.

HBT: Inddia. Ride painted trucks. (saying with eyes half shut and in a soft sleepy voice.

Me: yes. Good night. Sweet Dreams.

As the rain falls in LA, my sweet 2 1/2 year old son, feel asleep to cows, trucks, and elephants. I wonder if his dreams of Inddia are as amazing as real India.

I think it’s time to find the move The Little Princess. Wonderful imaginary stories from a little girls mind.

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