HBT misses his friends

Traveling at the age of 2 1/2…well actually 2 years 8 months, is tough. There are so many new things to see and foods to try. It does not help that the days are centered around mom’s work.

True, HBT does have fun climbing the rug piles, hunting down the cows and all in all make mom’s hair stand on end. Yet, at the end of the day, he misses his school and school friends. He talks about them and asks to play with children. HBT says “where are the children?” It melts my heart. At any chance he gets he plays with children. There is no question of social standing, race or gender. He just laughs and plays with them.

The last home we stayed in had children. Joy oh Joy was had by HBT. First, these folks taught an afterschool program to help the local kids study. 20 children who wanted to learn, who wanted to improve their studies came every day for two hours at a time. Beach met them, sat down next to a 5 yr old girl, and wanted to learn. They were almost the same size.

Then after the lessons were over, three of the students, who were the farmer’s children, came to play with Beach. They blew bubbles, rolled on the floor, stayed outdoors till it got dark. Then a little more play indoors till Beach really need to go to bed. His new found friends left–Beach was cry he did not want them to go.

We left the next morning. His friends were there hoping to play some more before school.

Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry….its hard to capture the joys of childhood.















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