1st sights of Delhi India

Our 1st visual of India– driving from the Delhi airport to our hotel for the night The Uppal.
Beach fell asleep.

Getting out of the airport

When I was 12, the smell of India was over-powering. In some ways, on a return trip you expect to smell as part of the Welcoming committee. This afternoon, the smell of India was just not there. Hard to explain…but it kinda saddened me. City smells overpowered the smell of India.

When I was 12, the first thing I remember seeing driving out of the Delhi Airport was a cow. No cow’s now. Saddened that Beach on his first hour in India did not see a cow.

When I was 12, the trucks we saw were so brightly colored. Now as we left the airport, all the trucks were corporate owned…not the same.


Getting to the car

What excited me was– the plants being built under the raised highway. Carefully planted with raised dirt around the plant to hold the water. It made me feel good to see that India is trying to keep some greener in their cities. I got excited by the first little indian shop that promoted products made by women. I saw one car so overloaded with people, you kinda smile and think back to clown cars in a circus—how do they do it, what is the top number of people who can fit in that tiny car.

Yes we only drove a few minutes down the road to the hotel. As I sat in the car with my son, I wondered what he would remember thirty years later. Would anything of this first trip to India, this first drive stick with him as it did with me.

The quick first sights of Delhi for us





Beach awake, stretching his legs and checking out the Uppal Hotel.





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