HBT Thurs March 6 Picture story

HBT arrives in Delhi, India on a Thursday. He left on Tuesday, March 4 from LA to NYC. March 5 from JFK to Delhi. He flew Executive class. When asked about his flight, HBT responded “plane, get off”, “must wash hands.” Mom sidebar — there were toothbrushes in the bathroom, HBT loves toothbrushes. Who can blame him wanting off. He had been flying for two days. He also says he misses his dad and friends at school. Below are his pictures. I noted when I took a shot of him

<img src=”https://wifemotherdaughterself.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/20140307-020604.jpg” alt=”20140307-020604.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full”/



Received a lesson on steading the camera, and pointing outwards to what HBT wanted to take. He was disappointed their where no fish in the hotel fountain.


HBT picture of his mommy.

Still having problems with which way the camera faces.



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