HBT’s day visiting a rug village

Saturday, we saw so much. I think it is best shown through a video. HBT's was very excited by the farm land we drove through- the cows, sheep, goats and camels. Throw in a ton of tractors, school buses and people, and you have one happy toddler. The pictures taken were by his mother but... Continue Reading →

Friday, March 7

We traveled from Delhi to Jaipur on a 7am flight. THANK GOD for jetlag and Lilibaby carrier. We made it. The rest of the morning was spent learning about rugs. Late afternoon finished off with visits to the Elephant Village, riding a camel, shopping. HBT picked out his own traditional Rajastan outfit. Some of the... Continue Reading →

HBT Friday March 7 Day of Pictures

HBT is getting better, with some help--when he asks for it, of taking pictures. He loves taking pictures of his mommy and selfies. Favorite thing from today-- the camels, Loved his outfit, and the tractors.

Elephant Village, Jaipur, Rajastan

After 4 days of traveling and a hard morning of work, HBT was to be rewarded with an Elephant ride. Elephant Village in Jaipur was started in 2010 to protect the elephants. You can go and help clean the elephants, paint the elephants and ride the elephants. The thing about a 2 1/2 year old...they... Continue Reading →

1st sights of Delhi India

Our 1st visual of India-- driving from the Delhi airport to our hotel for the night The Uppal. Beach fell asleep. Getting out of the airport When I was 12, the smell of India was over-powering. In some ways, on a return trip you expect to smell as part of the Welcoming committee. This afternoon,... Continue Reading →

HBT Thurs March 6 Picture story

HBT arrives in Delhi, India on a Thursday. He left on Tuesday, March 4 from LA to NYC. March 5 from JFK to Delhi. He flew Executive class. When asked about his flight, HBT responded "plane, get off", "must wash hands." Mom sidebar -- there were toothbrushes in the bathroom, HBT loves toothbrushes. Who can... Continue Reading →

Car Seat Safety in India

India regulation on car seats, currently--- there is none. That is all starting to change in October 2014. Until then, my traveling with a car seat strapped to me is an oddity to most Indians. What is common place and required by law in the states, is not a concern here...YET. Not as common as... Continue Reading →

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