Late Night, haven’t slept in 48 hour thoughts

The world is asleep, or at least the plane is. Yet I, the woman traveling with a small child is wide awake. I have rested but I could not sleep. My mind has a million thoughts going through its head.

I believe the saying goes — there might be 1,000 steps to the journey but it all begins with the first step.
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Flying Executive class with Air India

What a day. Air India is a great airline. They were welcoming, polite and very helpful. I will write more after I have some food in me. What I came away with — I am not sure I got more sleep for having a better seat. What I got was a happy toddler for 4/5 of the flight. He slept, he played, we cuddled, I got work done. Below is a picture show of a day in the life of HBT flying Executive Class to India. Enjoy.
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And we are off

We left the house at 10am PST. We arrived at the Burbank Airport by 10:30am. Traveling for a month and change with a toddler makes for interesting packing. 3 Bags all from Burton Snowboards. Then add in the fact the local US flights’ weight limits are different than international. Throw in the horse that just had to come with us. And you get by 10:45am a very tired mommy.
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HBT’s 1st attempt with a camera

HBT, is 2 1/2 yrs old, an active boy who loved his mother’s iphone camera too much. He was given a Crayola 7.1 mp digital camera to document his trip to India.  Since he is only 2 1/2,  pictures might be off dirt. They might be blurry.

This is a fun way to see the world through the eyes of a toddler.  It will also be a good learning experience of how to teach a toddler how to hold still long enough to take the shot.

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Why Wife Mother Daughter Self?

Self- the moment I was born, I became me, myself and I.

Daughter- At that same moment, I became a daughter.

These two things would parallel each other through out the first thirty years of my life. Some times coming into conflict as I tried to figure out who my self was separate of my parents.

Wife- I spent five years with the same man, to final say I do. It would be nice to think that marriage does not change one’s self. It does!

Mother- Been one for a little over 2 years. This totally changes how I am as a daughter and a wife. It also affected the self.

Each is an aspect of my life. these parts make up a whole.I enjoy figuring out how they relate to each other and stand alone.