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internal perspective

Way Behind & Lessoned Learned

I bit off more than I could chew — Who knew driving across country with a three/four year old, camping, visiting retailers and zoo’s would wear out a mom. It […]

Prepping A Three Month Journey

Back in February, I had this crazy idea– drive across America with my son. The blank stares, the looks of your crazy to WOW, thats amazing made me for a month […]

To New Beginnings!

A year ago life changed. I started a blog, went to India for six weeks with a 2 1/2 year old, and my father had brain surgery. They say under […]

Being Mom

We got back from India on Wednesday to NYC.Do not worry I still have lots to write.

Struggling to stay afloat

I have not written in days but it seems like weeks. In the last week, my father has had not one surgery on the brain but two.

Happy Holi

Holi — a wonderful day of color. A day of celebrations where for many work stops and joyous celebration begins.

Hand Block Printing

We got to visit Kilol, a hand block printing textile company. A team of 300 turn out some beautiful clothing. After watching and videoing the process, I of course went […]

Sights of a Rug Village

What a wonderful day of learning. I grew up listening to my father talk about rugs. I joined the family magazine, Rug News andDesign. It was not until yesterday, that […]

1st sights of Delhi India

Our 1st visual of India– driving from the Delhi airport to our hotel for the night The Uppal. Beach fell asleep. Getting out of the airport When I was 12, […]

Being Dyslexic and being teased

From the looks of my education, one would never suspect, I am severely dyslexic. My dyslexia was a major struggle in the 80’s, when teacher’s did not grasp or understand […]

India With Love

As I get ready for one of the biggest most dynamic adventures of my life, I look back as why India means so much to me.

Why Wife Mother Daughter Self?

Self- the moment I was born, I became me, myself and I. Daughter- At that same moment, I became a daughter. These two things would parallel each other through out the first […]