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Category: Mother

Thoughts from the mother perspective

Conversations with a Three year old

The day is already behind…Monday morning, I should be in my home office by 8am, at the latest. It’s now 9am. ┬áSome how the hour lost of work was worth […]

HBT misses his friends

Traveling at the age of 2 1/2…well actually 2 years 8 months, is tough. There are so many new things to see and foods to try. It does not help […]

Happy Holi

Holi — a wonderful day of color. A day of celebrations where for many work stops and joyous celebration begins.

1st week of traveling with my son

I sit here at 5:30am writing in Jaipur. I sit on the floor near the bathroom for light. My son is finally asleep past 2am….I am doing nothing to jeopardize […]

HBT’s day visiting a rug village

Saturday, we saw so much. I think it is best shown through a video. HBT’s was very excited by the farm land we drove through- the cows, sheep, goats and […]

Friday, March 7

We traveled from Delhi to Jaipur on a 7am flight. THANK GOD for jetlag and Lilibaby carrier. We made it. The rest of the morning was spent learning about rugs. […]

Elephant Village, Jaipur, Rajastan

After 4 days of traveling and a hard morning of work, HBT was to be rewarded with an Elephant ride. Elephant Village in Jaipur was started in 2010 to protect […]

Car Seat Safety in India

India regulation on car seats, currently— there is none. That is all starting to change in October 2014. Until then, my traveling with a car seat strapped to me is […]

And we are off

We left the house at 10am PST. We arrived at the Burbank Airport by 10:30am. Traveling for a month and change with a toddler makes for interesting packing. 3 Bags […]

Explaining India to 2 1/2 year old

Children absorb a lot of information. The thing is, you just do not know what information they are absorbing. A 2 1/2 year old boy is learning everyday– and we […]

Imagination opens up doors

One of my favorite things to listen to my son talk. Not when he is talking to us… Yes that is all fine and good. It is when he talks […]