India With Love

As I get ready for one of the biggest most dynamic adventures of my life, I look back as why India means so much to me. AGE 12 Spring of 1989, My family went on a "vacation"-- a vacation mingled in with rug business. At 12, the farthest I had been was to a Navajo... Continue Reading →

Imagination opens up doors

One of my favorite things to listen to my son talk. Not when he is talking to us... Yes that is all fine and good. It is when he talks to the animals, the toys, and the plants. He is making up conversations based on what he sees and what he imagines. Today, HBT received... Continue Reading →

Growing up I was considered a tomboy. I hated being called a tomboy. When I was little it was because I believed I was being teased. As an adult, I still hate the term tomboy. Why if a girl likes "boy" things does she get labeled. Now I have a son. He loves all things... Continue Reading →

Why Wife Mother Daughter Self?

Self- the moment I was born, I became me, myself and I. Daughter- At that same moment, I became a daughter. These two things would parallel each other through out the first thirty years of my life. Some times coming into conflict as I tried to figure out who my self was separate of my parents. Wife- I spent... Continue Reading →

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