Hand Block Printing

We got to visit Kilol, a hand block printing textile company. A team of 300 turn out some beautiful clothing. After watching and videoing the process, I of course went to the store and picked up a few items. Some interesting facts 1. Block printing can only have upto 12 colors on it, not including... Continue Reading →

1st week of traveling with my son

I sit here at 5:30am writing in Jaipur. I sit on the floor near the bathroom for light. My son is finally asleep past 2am....I am doing nothing to jeopardize this much needed sleep. We arrived in Jaipur on a Friday Morning. This was after 4 days of airplane travel. It is now Monday morning.... Continue Reading →

Sights of a Rug Village

What a wonderful day of learning. I grew up listening to my father talk about rugs. I joined the family magazine, Rug News andDesign. It was not until yesterday, that I realized while I understood the steps to making a hand knotted rug, I really did not get it. That is a whole separate post.... Continue Reading →

1st sights of Delhi India

Our 1st visual of India-- driving from the Delhi airport to our hotel for the night The Uppal. Beach fell asleep. Getting out of the airport When I was 12, the smell of India was over-powering. In some ways, on a return trip you expect to smell as part of the Welcoming committee. This afternoon,... Continue Reading →

Car Seat Safety in India

India regulation on car seats, currently--- there is none. That is all starting to change in October 2014. Until then, my traveling with a car seat strapped to me is an oddity to most Indians. What is common place and required by law in the states, is not a concern here...YET. Not as common as... Continue Reading →

And we are off

We left the house at 10am PST. We arrived at the Burbank Airport by 10:30am. Traveling for a month and change with a toddler makes for interesting packing. 3 Bags all from Burton Snowboards. Then add in the fact the local US flights' weight limits are different than international. Throw in the horse that just... Continue Reading →

Being Dyslexic and being teased

From the looks of my education, one would never suspect, I am severely dyslexic. My dyslexia was a major struggle in the 80's, when teacher's did not grasp or understand what dyslexia meant. I was told at a young age, I was stupid and would never make it to college. My goal was to prove... Continue Reading →

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