Last night as the votes were coming in I wrote a prayer, a poem. I am not religious in the sense of I attend one church. I am religious in […]

Way Behind & Lessoned Learned

I bit off more than I could chew — Who knew driving across country with a three/four year old, camping, visiting retailers and zoo’s would wear out a mom. It […]

Day 1 Thru Pictures

June 1st 2015 was the start of our Weaving thru America. It was a late start due to getting new tires on the trailer. We drove from LA to Sacramento […]

Prepping A Three Month Journey

Back in February, I had this crazy idea– drive across America with my son. The blank stares, the looks of your crazy to WOW, thats amazing made me for a month […]


Getting ready for the spring consignment sale means weeding through those things my son has outgrown. Some items hold no great memories and then there are these PINK CAT SHOES.

To New Beginnings!

A year ago life changed. I started a blog, went to India for six weeks with a 2 1/2 year old, and my father had brain surgery. They say under […]

Conversations with a Three year old

The day is already behind…Monday morning, I should be in my home office by 8am, at the latest. It’s now 9am.  Some how the hour lost of work was worth […]

Being Mom

We got back from India on Wednesday to NYC.Do not worry I still have lots to write.

Struggling to stay afloat

I have not written in days but it seems like weeks. In the last week, my father has had not one surgery on the brain but two.

HBT misses his friends

Traveling at the age of 2 1/2…well actually 2 years 8 months, is tough. There are so many new things to see and foods to try. It does not help […]

Happy Holi

Holi — a wonderful day of color. A day of celebrations where for many work stops and joyous celebration begins.

Hand Block Printing

We got to visit Kilol, a hand block printing textile company. A team of 300 turn out some beautiful clothing. After watching and videoing the process, I of course went […]