About Me

Beech 5 Who am I?

It is my belief that we live on the axis of four things. Be it…

North, South, East, West
Water, Wind, Earth, Fire
Wife, Mother, Daughter,Self
Friendship, Love, Honesty, Trust

From these things, my days exist and sometime work together and sometimes go in opposite directions.

I am a Wife, since 2010

I am a Mother, since 2011.

I am a Daughter, since 1977.

I am me.

Education: Every day learning from others, from myself. Everyday teaching my son. A dream would be to go back and get my PHD in Shakespeare and a Masters in Landscape gardening–Why– because I love Shakespeare. I love the relationship of buildings to green space. Because a day should not go by where you don’t experience something hew

Passions: Cooking, Gardening

I spend lots of time designing gardens in my head. I read about historical gardens to understand the relationship of house to garden, medical herbs, plants used for paint colors, and why flowers are associated with special feelings.

Cooking– I am not the best cook. I found my ability to wing it cooking has taken it’s own life form ever since being a mother.

If I Could….

…I would travel the world meeting people and share their stores. We all have stories. I want my children to know the world is bigger than our own backyard.

….I would met and share stories of retail stores, of family business — the backbone of America.

….I would dance in the warm spring rain.

….I would watch the fall harvest from the top of a tractor as the sun beats down

….I would!

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  1. Don’t forget about Caedmon — You went there for 3-4 years. You learned to cut carrots and put on your coat.

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