The Disabled, The Toddler, Learning in India

Jaipur Rugs, our first stop on our trip, employees disabled indians. Mr. Chaudhary says “If you have a good Heart and a good soul, you can do anything.” Very true for the disable men, I saw working at Jaipur Rugs.

Out of respect, I did not take pictures. These men came from the poorest or poor areas in India. They grew up malnurished and it showed in their bone structure. One legs curved backwards, almost like a c shape, yet he still walked. Some men walked on their knees and had flipflops on their hands to walk. Their lower legs to mangled to stand on their feet.

My darling 2 1/2 year old son could not stop staring. Not out of disrespect. He was trying to understand these men. It was something very new. At age two all he had seen were people walking on their own two feet.

He started to mimic these men, trying to understand. Then he got shy and clung to my legs while watching, watching, as the men gathered. Men that walked a different way, looked different.

As the sun began to set, they dispersed to home. HBT finally let go off my legs and mimic a man walking on his knees and hands. This man saw what Beach was doing, turned his head around, lifted his hand to shake Beach’s.
Beach went up and shook his hand. He looked at me and cocked his head, asking with out words, explain mom.

As the man and I stood there, I explained to Beach– You walk, He walks. We walk differently but we both walk. Beach grasped this and I think the man did as well. We did not speak the same language. He smiled. Beach got on the ground again and tried walking like him one last time.

I was caught up in the moment, and did not get many pictures. Here is what I did get.





Here are some of the style of bikes, these men use to help get around. HBT was fascinated with them.





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