Car Seat Safety in India


India regulation on car seats, currently— there is none. That is all starting to change in October 2014. Until then, my traveling with a car seat strapped to me is an oddity to most Indians. What is common place and required by law in the states, is not a concern here…YET.

Not as common as when I was a child but still around–the jammed packed cars, people sitting on top of people. Saw one on our drive to the hotel. The Diono Radians’ ability to fold compactly is perfect. I do suggest 2 carry straps. In India, they do not hand you your stroller at the gate. We did however, check our Radian at the Gate. It was protected in a Universal Phil & Ted’s travel bag. It all’s was carrying our umbrella stroller. Both checked at the gate at JFK but returned to us at the baggage claim in India. If I had to carry the Radian, from the gate, two straps would have been a must.

Rolling out of the Delhi Airport. A Burton wheelie carry on bag really helped us get through the airport. As Beach was riding on my back.


Here is our first Indian car ride– The Radion gets installed



After 2 days of travel, HBT was a little tired of the car seat and sitting. Who could blame a 2 1/2 year old.

Once in his seat, HBT was happy. Not even 5 minutes into the drive, he was out. Radian for the win. It made him feel secure and safe, that he fell asleep–something my son will not due even if he is sooooooo exhausted, unless he feels safe. 🙂

As the concept of car seats in India are a major difference between the USA and India, I will be posting about the ups and downs of traveling with a car seat. This is my MOM PROBLEM.

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