And we are off

We left the house at 10am PST. We arrived at the Burbank Airport by 10:30am. Traveling for a month and change with a toddler makes for interesting packing. 3 Bags all from Burton Snowboards. Then add in the fact the local US flights’ weight limits are different than international. Throw in the horse that just had to come with us. And you get by 10:45am a very tired mommy.

Carry on is always interesting.

Start with the diaper bag AKA mommy’s briefcase — otherwise known as a So Young Co. Diaper Bag. This will be my office for the next month… who says diapers and a ipad can’t travel together. 🙂

Stroller — I think strollers are the greatest invention for a parent making their way through the airport. Forget about strolling the kid, you’re strolling the stuff. Stroller is Baby Cargo 200 Series. It is going to be my work horse for this trip. A good lightweight umbrella stroller that is easy to use, easy to transport and small when collapsed. It carried in the basket, the bag with the blanket, SkipHop Dog neck roll. The chair carried our JuJuBe SuperStar . Over the canopy was the horse. When HBT was not pulling his Trunki it sat on top of the Bag in the seat. Yes this stroller is going to be pushed to the brink…. hmm maybe I should just call it my husband for the rest of the trip…. as it will be my extra set of arms.

My other set of arms is my baby carrier, Lilibaby Airflow Complete. A lifesaver…. I will write more on my love of this carrier. If you’re traveling with a toddler, alone, you need a carrier, any carrier. The airflow is made of a mesh material which helps with regulating temperature. My son is always a little on the hot side so this helps air pass through.

You can’t go anywhere without a car seat. This was a huge discussion and concern of mine. Luckily I owned a Diono Radian. I spoke with their awesome CPS, Allana, who helped walk me through all my questions for international travel. As India does not, for now, have any car seat regulation, I was a little worried. Then it was decided a car seat is better than no car seat. As it is FAA approved, we have and will use it on flights, and in cars in India. I am not sure if we will be able to use it in Indian airplanes. Will keep you posted. Be on the look out for more pictures of HBT riding in India in his seat. Will do a review shortly.

Being a parent is no easy task. Being a parent traveling with a toddler across the world is very very daunting. I have tried to select products that will help ease our lives, protect my son, keep him occupied and be easy to travel with. We will see what happens.

I already have some products I am not happy with — will write about those later.

Here are some pictures of today’s Journey from LA-NYC.





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