Imagination opens up doors

One of my favorite things to listen to my son talk. Not when he is talking to us… Yes that is all fine and good.

It is when he talks to the animals, the toys, and the plants. He is making up conversations based on what he sees and what he imagines.

Today, HBT received 5 large dinosaurs and hand full of small ones, from his Aunt Nene.

For the next 3 hours, HBT had the big dinosaurs eat the small ones. The small ones go looking for their mamma’s the big Dino’s– followed by the big Dino’s breastfeeding the small dino’s. The rugs were turned into jungles and roadways.

It’s hard to write what he spoke because the English language does not have the grammar or spelling a two year old uses.

In short– words used a lot were num-num-num, love, help, grrr.

Maybe the pictures will speak for themselves





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