The love of Trucks or Do not call me a Tom Boy

The love of Trucks or Do not call me a Tom Boy

Growing up I was considered a tomboy. I hated being called a tomboy. When I was little it was because I believed I was being teased. As an adult, I still hate the term tomboy. Why if a girl likes “boy” things does she get labeled.

Now I have a son. He loves all things with wheels, Even a purple with butterflies stroller. I made sure by one he had a dolly, Marta. He loves Marta. Drags and I mean drags her around. I think a girl might carry her doll. What I am getting at, is I make sure my son has a mix of typical girl and boy toys. He loves watching Sophia the first.

Yet, there is something about BIG trucks that make the eyes pop out, the smile go from ear to ear and my son is doing his happy jig.

I don’t really ever see girls get this excited. I really hope they do. I know if I ever see a girl get excited about fire engines the way my son does, I won’t call her a tom boy. Girls are girls who might love trucks.

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